US: Human Rights Guide to 2024 Elections

    (Washington, February 7, 2024) – Human Rights Watch on February 7, 2024, released “A Human Rights Guide to the 2024 US Elections: Vital Recommendations for Voters, Candidates, and Supporters of Democracy.”

    This 15-page guide, aimed at the US congressional and presidential elections in 2024, addresses a wide range of domestic and foreign policy topics. Human Rights Watch offers policy recommendations to leaders and candidates on some of the country’s most pressing issues, including free and fair elections, immigration, reproductive freedom, and the defense of human rights abroad.

    “The Human Rights Watch elections guide is a roadmap for people in the United States to assess the commitment of candidates to human rights,” said Tanya Greene, US Program director at Human Rights Watch. “This year’s elections will be a challenge to the people of the United States to safeguard human rights and reinforce rights-respecting democratic ideals.”

    The US elections will also be crucial for the role the US plays in promoting and protecting human rights abroad, Human Rights Watch said.

    “US elections happen on the world stage,” said Sarah Yager, Washington director at Human Rights Watch. “This is a moment for candidates both to assess human rights at home and to live up to the values US officials espouse abroad, but often fail to meet.”

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